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Health: Taller and obese men at greater risk of aggressive prostate cancer

Both tall men and obese men have a higher chance of developing aggressive prostate cancer, according to international research.

Are you male ? Are you tall ? Are you slightly obese? If you are a tall male and slightly overweight it appears you are at greater risk of prostate cancer than your  slightly shorter and skinnier  brothers.

A recent study has reveled that men who are taller and or slightly overweight  are at an increased risk of high grade prostate cancer and prostate cancer death.

While height was not associated with overall prostate cancer risk, risk of high grade disease and death from prostate cancer increased by 21% and 17% respectively with every additional ten centimeters (3.9 inches) of height.

Waist circumference, which is seen as a more accurate measure of obesity than BMI in older adults, was associated with an 18% greater risk of death from prostate cancer and a 13% greater risk of high grade cancer with every ten centimeters (3.9 inches) increase in waist circumference.

Dr Aurora Perez-Cornago, the lead author said:  “that a healthy body weight is associated with a reduced risk of high grade prostate cancer and death from prostate cancer years later.”

“The observed links with obesity may be due to changes in hormone levels in obese men, which in turn may increase the risk of aggressive prostate cancer.”

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