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Labor: Budget 2017 Is Admission Of Guilt By The Turnbull Government

The opposition leader stated that the 2017/18 budget is an admission of guilt, and they have a nerve to come into the parliament and talk about fairness while taxing Australians more and giving millionaires a tax cut.

He pointed out that the Turnbull government is divided and out of touch.

Mr. Shorten said that A Labor budget would fund school properly and wouldn’t discourage those wanting to go to uni. A labor budget would protect workers and close the gap in indigenous services and not cut funding.

A Labor budget would stand up for the middle class and working Australians by not taxing them and giving tax cuts to millionaires.

Labor will support the new bank tax. He also stated that the Labor party will have a royal commission if elected. He also stated that if banks pass on a single cent of the new bank tax this should be an end to the Turnbull Government.

The Labor leader recommitted to protecting medicare.


Labor will not support the Government’s plan around housing affordability. He also said the Labor party will not support the money set aside for a plebiscite on same-sex marriage.

Mr. Shorten said that the Turnbull budget means $65 billion for big business now and $10 extra for Australian workers in 20 years. “There has never been a more exciting time to be a multinational in Australia”

The opposition leader said that they will support the 0.5% medicare level but only for the top 2% of Australians.

“Loopholes for millionaires means middle Australians pay more,” said Mr. Shorten “earning millions and paying nothing are over- no matter who you are”. He said there is only one reason why people send their money overseas is to avoid paying their fair share of tax in Australia.

The future for Australia is in education and training was made clear by the opposition leader. “If we don’t think big we will end small,” said Mr. Shorten.

“We can’t be an innovation nation without education”

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