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Turnbull Government Attacks Catholic Education Sector & Dismisses Their Concerns Over Gonski 2.0

The Turnbull government has dismissed concerns raised by the Catholic Education Sector over Gonski 2.0. 

The Catholic sector has warned that some schools may close due to the new funding arrangements.

The Catholic Sector has also stated that they are being singled out for cuts and there was no proper consultation.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham says there was “a lot of exaggeration” coming from some in the education sector. Mr Birmingham said “Unsurprisingly, people who didn’t get everything they asked for might sometimes complain…”

24 independent schools in the eastern states will suffer a direct funding cut over the next decade under Gonski 2.0, and 353 will not get as much money as previously planed for. 

Independent Schools in Canberra’s are set to have their funding cut next year due to Gonski 2.0. The prevous Labor government lead by Prime minister Gillard made it a condition of Gonski 1.0 that no school would lose a dollar.

The Australian Greens have suggested they may support the new funding model.

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