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Dutton: Incompetent, Untrustworthy & Unfit To Be PM (OP-ED)

OP-ED: Dutton has failed one of the most important interviews he could have had on his way to the Lodge.

His performance of the ABC’s Insiders has shown that he cannot be trusted and is far from honest.

The lie detector was in overdrive. He consistently lied throughout the interview. This makes him unfit to be PM.

Dutton admitted that the 457-visa announcement was nothing but a a rebranding exercise. A focus group driven spin – jingoism, nothing more. This shows that the Coalition does not care about Australian jobs.

When is came to the Manus situation Dutton refuses to accept advice from PNG police. Dutton is not even going to correct the facts in the face of evidence. He will maintain the web of lies that he concocted. The reality is that facts just bounce off Dutton’s skull.

Refugees were shot at on Manus Island so, in a vile statement that he knows is a lie, Peter Dutton suggests that they deserved it because they’re paedophiles – a claim which was a lie.

Dutton can’t keep detainees & staff safe on Manus Island and is prepared to lie to cover his incompetence.

If Dutton ever become Prime Minister this country will be in serious trouble and will look back on the Abbott era as a golden age in comparison.

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