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Turnbull’s stand for Australian values is nothing but a cynical move of self preservation 

Op-Ed: Turnbull’s stand for Australian values is nothing but an exercise in self promotion. 
It is shallow and a cynical ploy to win votes from disenchanted far right voters. The slogan of “jobs and growth” is gone and is now replaced with “Australian values”

More spin from a government that is in free fall and disintegrating on a daily basis. 

The Turnbull Government has not stood for anything since the day he became Prime Minister. When you stand for nothing it is easy for you to fall for everything. 

Turnbull is living up to the moniker “Fraudbull”, it is plain that this man can not be trusted. He has betrayed everything that he says he stands for. 

He was a supporter of 457 visas and said Australia needs them, then after a cynical campaign from groups like One Nation he now says he is standing up for Australians and fighting for their jobs. 

The only Australian he stands for and fights for is himself and the only Australian job he is fighting for is his own. 

Simply put Turnbull is an out-of-touch rich toff who doesn’t believe in anything that would benefit others. 

With Dutton biting at his heels it is no surprise that Turnbull will make a hard right turn. 

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