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ACTU: Senate recognises take home pay must be protected

The senate has acted to protect the take-home pay of hundreds of thousands of hard-working but low paid people in Australia.

ACTU President Ged Kearney said “The senate has recognised that take home pay must be protected in the face of these savage cuts that have been waved through by the Turnbull Government.”

Ms Kearney commented that these cuts mean the lowest paid workers in Australia will have to find a way to make do with thousands of dollars less each year, or take on more work to make up the difference. 

“The ALP, Greens and the Senate crossbench have done the right thing and acted to protect these vulnerable workers.” stated Ms Kearney. 

This legislation is designed to safeguard workers’ take home pay against the penalty rate cuts handed down by the Fair Work Commission – which have subsequently been endorsed by the Turnbull Government.

Now the legislation and the responsibility to protect working people pass to the lower house.

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