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Turnbull: Australia Stands With The UK Today With ‘Resolute Solidarity’

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said in response to the attacks in London that

Australia’s heartfelt sympathy and resolute solidarity is with the people of the United Kingdom. He said Australia stands with the UK today as “we always have in freedom’s cause.”
The Prime Minister also said that the attack on the British Parliament is an attack on “parliaments, freedom, and democracy everywhere. “
“Westminster is rightly known as the mother of parliaments. Almost every element of our parliamentary tradition here in Australia is modelled on that of the Houses of Parliament in London. The birthplace of our great, free, parliamentary democracy and the rule of law which sustains it.”
“We send our condolences, especially to the families of the victims, those injured, including a police officer murdered by the terrorist as he attempted to enter the Houses of Parliament.”
The AFP are set to increase their presence at Australia’s Parliament House following Westminster  attack

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