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Brandis On Q&A Shows How The Government Is A Pack Of Bullies & Out Of Touch With Australians

Opinion: Brandis on the ABC’s Q&A shows just how out of touch the Turnbull Government has become and what a pack of bullies they are.

Last night Brandis’ performance with his supporting actor Piers Akerman was a display of how the right wing Conservative factions of politics and media pour absolute disdain on the average Australian.

Ackerman and Brandis were a double act of bullies who consistently blamed others for shambles they have created, by means of producing bad polices and then promoting them.

Last night’s performance showed just how incompetent Brandis is as Attorney General and by extension the whole Turnbull Government.

Human Rights activist and lawyer Julian Burnside demonstrated the AG’s ignorance of migration law when he couldn’t cite a law a single person seeking asylum broke coming to Australia. Also his comment regarding just ringing Centrelink if you have an issue

As far as the Turnbull Government & the Murdoch press are concerned (as demonstrated by Akerman and Brandis) truth and facts are pinpricks off in the distance that are bent, deleted and rejected by their ideology.

The Turnbull Government and its Ministers, along with the Murdoch press, accept no responsibility for the damage done by their policies on the most vulnerable in Australia’s civil society.

Last night we saw the reality of the right wing coalition and Murdoch press. They are, elite, out of touch, out to lunch, born to rule bullies intent on harming Australia and her most vulnerable.

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