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New QLD One Nation MP accused Of Stealing LNP Documents Before Defection

The Queensland LNP have accused the new One Nation MP Steve Dickson of stealing documents before defecting. Documents are the property of the LNP, ‘not available to people who are going to jump ship’, Tim Nicholls says. 

“I think it’s disappointing that someone who’s professed their loyalty to the LNP, less than 24 hours before jumping ship, thinks it’s OK to knock off documents from the LNP,” he said.

“This has been a carefully orchestrated plan by Mr Dickson and his office, and that’s the disappointing part about it — it’s sort of deliberate subterfuge — which I think really speaks volumes of the character of the person we’re talking about.”

The new One Nation State MP says he has not stolen anything and says LNP representatives are ‘swimming in the mud’

Labor’s Mick de Brenni says he  LNP must be honest with Queenslanders and reveal what is actually in the documents. 

It said One Nation had agreed to destroy the stolen documents, but the party was yet to receive proof that has occurred.

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