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Israel:military court convicts an Israeli soldier for killing wounded Palestinian

Tel Aviv- An Israeli military court has convicted an Israeli soldier of manslaughter in killing of a wounded Palestinian man in March.

An Israeli military court convicted an Israeli soldier, 19 year old Elor Azaria, of manslaughter Wednesday in the fatal shooting of a wounded Palestinian man last March, 2016.

Charges were brought after video footage emerged showing Elor Azari shooting the wounded and subdued Palestinian in the head as he lay on the ground.

The verdict on Mr Azaria was delivered by a panel of three judges at the army’s Kirya headquarters. Times of Israel has reported that outside the trial, scores of activists demonstrating in support of Azaria — among them far-right supporters of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer club — clashed with police and border guards dispatched to maintain order. 

Two people were arrested when protesters attempted to block Kaplan Street, a main avenue running outside the compound.

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