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Turkey: Reina Club Attacker Still At Large – QuestionRaised About Turkish Security 

Police in Istanbul continue to look for the gunman who shot and killed 39 people at the Reina bar in Istanbul on New years Eve.

The city is still on high alert as the attacker remains at large. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has promised that he will fight terrorism to the end.

“Turkey will stand together and not give passage to dirty games of terrorists,” he said.

Turkey’s most senior Muslim cleric has condemned the attack and said that no Muslim conscience can accept what has happened. He has described it as a act of savagery.

The gun man entered the Regina nightclub carrying a long-barrelled weapon. He killed a police officer waiting outside, and then another citizen to enter. He then carried out massacre by spraying bullets at people who were celebrating the new year.

Since July 2015 more than 500 people have died in Turkey in terror attacks claimed either by the Islamic State terror group or Kurdish separatists. Eight IS members were detained last week suspected of preparing a suicide attack for New Year’s Eve.

In the hours after the massacre at the Reina, one of Istanbul’s best-known nightclubs, popular with locals and tourists alike and frequented by businessmen and diplomats, security analysts were questioning the ease with which the gunman was able to arrive in a taxi armed with an automatic weapon.

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