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UN supports Russia & Turkey’s Syria Peace Talks

As this is far over Syria rush and Turkey  have secured A United Nations resolution supporting their efforts to “jumpstart ” talks aimed at ending the conflict.

Turkey and Russia have said the talks will supplement but not replace the United Nations  peace efforts, including talks set to start again  February 8 in Geneva, Switzerland. The resolution also notes the efforts by Russia and take to end the violence in Syria. It also says that the talks planned to take place in Kazakhstan are “an important step” the head of the Geneva negotiations.

The United Nations Security Council resolution allows for talks next month in Kazakhstan under the protection of Russia, Iran, Syrian government supporters and Turkey, who supports the rebels.

Russia and turkey successfully negotiated the current cease-fire in Syria. The London based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that most of Syria remained calm on Saturday despite limited clashes.

According to the Observatory in 2016 a total of 60,000 people were killed in violence across the country with more than 13,000 of them civilians.

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