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Trump Bows To Putin & Sells Out The USA To Russia

Historically, when a foreign government attacked the USA, Republicans and Democrats put partisanship aside and stood together to protect the American people.

However, Donald Trump has bowed to Putin and sold out the USA. He has denied the facts and demonstrated a disdain for the Intelligence Community, skipping intelligence briefings and dismissing evidence of Russian influence.

The reality is the Russians have interfered in internal domestic politics in the USA and has compromised the democratic system in the USA. He must take the threat of foreign meddling in the USA’s  elections seriously and Congress has a duty to give the American people a full account of Russia’s assault on our democracy.

It has been widely reported that U.S. intelligence officials have a ‘high level of confidence’ that Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved in these attacks, even providing direction on how the stolen material was leaked. These intrusions were not just ‘hacks.’ They were attacks on the United States by a foreign power and should be treated as such. Yet Trump says Putin is ‘smart’ and supports him.

The Trump administration needs to be held accountable for their denial of the truth, and to immediately investigate the extent and consequences of Russia’s meddling in the  USA’s domestic politics.

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