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Syria: Chemical Bomb Factories Found In East Aleppo

Canisters found at a terrorist chemical weapons factory in Aleppo © SPUTNIK/ NOUR MOLHEM

Sputnik has reported that makeshift chemical bomb factories have been found in East Aleppo. Sputnik claims that their journalists have been able to explore these makeshift factories .

It is alleged that canisters fitted with chemicals were fond. Sputnik also claims that analyses of the Chemicals show were made in the US while the bombs were manufactured on site. Furthermore, the mark UN 3082 is clearly visible on the chemical canisters discovered at the terrorist factory.

The Russian news site has claimed that a source in the Syrian military confirmed that this type of ordnance was used by the terrorists against the Syrian army; one such attack occurred in the southwestern area of the city in the vicinity of the al-Assad Military Academy.

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