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Turnbull’s New Years Resolution Attack Pensioners & Let Multi-Nationals Off the Hook

91,000 pensioners are set to lose access to their pension altogether while 236,000 will have their pension cut. At the same time as cutting and restricting the pensions of over 300,000 Australian citizens, the Turnbull Government has allowed multi-national companies like ExxonMobil pay no tax.

In effect, what the Turnbull Government has said to Australians and “Australians, you are on notice! – Forget about relying on the old age pension, we have billionaires to look after.” Now Turnbull is saying it is all a scare campaign. As it has been put very elegantly by Bill Shorten, “First he said it was a Mediscare campaign – as he cut Medicare.  Now he says it is a Pensionscare campaign as he cuts or stops over 300,000 pensions.”

It’s not just multinational companies that the Turnbull Government is looking after, they are also looking after their own front bench members – no surprise here.

When it comes to the Turnbull government ministers and their own the expenses claimed by ministers is astounding. It is important to remember, that pensioners pay tax. The money from which is used to pay out these claims.

An example of these claims can be seen by looking at three ministers – Julie Bishop claimed $2,844,209, Mathias Cormann claimed $1,317,595, Michaelia Cash claimed $1,091,573 and Peter Dutton claimed $1,339,679. All of these claims are on top of their salaries.

The mantra of the Turnbull Government is to punish the most seriously ill by cutting the diagnostic services, push the poor by cutting welfare, punish the elderly by cutting and restricting the pension, but reward the rich by turning a blind eye to tax avoidance.

Turnbull’s new resolution is to attack over 300,000 pensioners​ & let multi-nationals off the hook.

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