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Mexico Seeking To Use Border Security & Migration As Leverage In Talks With Trump

Mexico is seeking to use immigration and border security to gain leverage in talks, in defending free trade agreements,  when the Trump administration assumes power next month.

The Mexicans are hoping to defuse Trump’s threats over trade and investments by striking a balance between Trump’s percevied concerns and protecting Mexico’s economic interests.

Reuters reports that Mexico wants security, immigration and management of the U.S.-Mexican border to be on the table as well as trade when they sits down to talk to the Trump administration.

According to Reuters this could mean  Mexico offering to reinforce its northern border to curb drug smuggling and migrants, said one former high-level official familiar with discussions in Mexico.

One possibility is giving the United States a bigger role in securing Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala.

A senior Mexican government official said many thousands of illegal immigrants travel through Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala who then make on to the United States.

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