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Hawaiian Cafe 8 1/2 Stands Up To Trump Voters & Tells Them “Nazis Not Welcome”

A Hawaiian cafe has stood up to Trump voters and told them they are not welcome to eat there. They have posted on their doors and facbook page, “If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis.”

The downtown Honolulu cafe has now become the victim of politcal attacks on their yelp review page with comments such as:

“would love go to your racist wanna-be frisco shit hole, order the messiest item on the menu (which is probably everything), then I would throw said crap-meal all over the walls and floors of your racist frisco-minded shit pot that you call an eatery.

Racist frisco scum, I hope everyone boycotts you and you go out of business.

Someone else said “How is this different from the Christian bakers that refused the lesbians?!?” YOU SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN.

You and your Racist libtard scum lost. Get over it and move on.


While some on Facebook have posted:

Henry Gowin  1 starI have no interest in eating your food. I am a proud Republican and it’s my business, not yours, who I voted for. And if you think you’re making some big political statement, you’re not. You’re just showing your ignorance.

By the way, the last time I was in Honolulu the best meal I had was at Halekulani. In case you don’t know, that translates to house without a key, which is symbolic of Hawaiian hospitality — something you obviously know nothing about.

In defece of the cafe one person wrote on yelp:

“Pay no mind to all the fake “reviews” here by people who have never ever once stepped foot on Hawaiian soil, let alone in this charming Italian cafè. These same people would defend places who refuse service to the LGBT community or any other minority population of their choosing.

One of my favorite places to eat downtown. Try the carbonara or panzanella salad. You won’t regret it! I usually get take-out if I’m alone, but it’s a lovely place to meet someone for a long lunch.” – Erica Y.

The wife of the owenr of the restauranthas said they are not actually asking customers whether they voted for, and said even if they see a customer with a Trump shirt, “we don’t put anything different [in] your food.” She also confirmed that only three people called to complain about the sign when it first went up, “that’s it.”

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