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Mexico: 6 Decapitated Heads Found & 16 killed Over Christmas Holiday

Six heads have been found in Michoacan state, Mexico.The discovery was made on Christmas day.  The victims have not been identified. It is alleged that the victims may have been murded in connection to drug activity in the region.

The Michoacan state prosecutor’s office said the six heads were found in Jiquilpan, a municipality near the state of Jalisco in a region that has been a battleground between competing drug gangs in recent years.

Christmas day also saw a number incidents of gun violence. Seven people were murdered when a gunman a family and a married couple who were celebrating Christmas together. In a statement authorities said two of the seven killed were municipal police officers and one a state police officer.

In Chihuahua state nine people were murdered. Of the nine 3 were women who had been tortured. Another victim, male, had been dismembered.

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