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Israel: US Coordinated The ‘Gang Up’ In UN Over The Settlement Vote

Israel is continuing smart of the  United States decision not to veto the United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a halt to Israeli settlement-building.

Israel has accused the Obama administration of “ganging up” against Israel in last week’s vote.

Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to Washington told CNN on Monday “What is outrageous is that the United States was actually behind that gang-up. I think it was a very sad day, really a shameful chapter,”

Mr Dermer claimed the Israeli government has “clear evidence” of the U.S. move and is willing to share it with the incoming administration of Donald Trump. “And if they want to share it with the U.S. people they’re welcome to do it,” he said.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu told his Cabinet on Sunday that the resolution was “reckless and destructive.” He pointed out that the U.S. and Israel have always agreed that the Security Council is no place to resolve the settlement issue.

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