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Obamacare: Top Of The Republican Repeal Hit list 

Topping the  Republican Party repeal hit list is President Barack Obama’s health care law. Obamacare is a  signature domestic achievement and has dramatically reduced the number of uninsured Americans.

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Friday twitted “When it comes to #Obamacare, repeal means relief — relief from higher costs, low-quality care, & more broken promises,”

Democrats insist Obamacare should be saved rather than scrapped and note that the Republicans have not provided exact details of their replacement plan.

States that made enrollment into Obamacare hard and refused to move health plans into the Obamacare marketplaces are now faced with poorer, sicker customers than they otherwise might have had.

Obamacare programs to improve hospital safety have resulted in 50,000 fewer preventable deaths since 2010.

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