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VP Biden: Clinton Felt Obliged To Run – There Was No Clear Direction

Clinton didn’t know why she was running

Campaign has no clear direction

Democrats not connecting with people

220px-official_portrait_of_vice_president_joe_bidenOut going U.S Vice President Joe Biden has claimed in an interview that Hillary Clinton didn’t know why she was running for President. He said that Clinton likely felt that she was obliged to run. He also said that he thought it must have been hard for her to decide and that the historic nature of the bid would have been a major part of her decision.

The Vice-Presidnet said “She thought she had no choice but to run. That, as the first woman who had an opportunity to win the presidency, I think it was a real burden on her,”

As well as not having figured out why she was running, her camping also lacked clear direction.

In the same interview Biden said that he believed that the Democratic Party lost because it didn’t pay enough attention to the working-class, especially those who live out of large urban centres. He also said that the Democrats were not letting people know that the party understood their problems.

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1 Comment on VP Biden: Clinton Felt Obliged To Run – There Was No Clear Direction

  1. It is insulting and a really superficial ‘excuse’ to define a high profile individual of having insufficient knowledge for running for the most powerful position in the world. If true, she was never qualified. If untrue, a clear political attempt to assuage public opinion while building a launch platform.
    Either way, a losing and weak kneed approach.
    Just say it, she was a greedy power hungry narcissist that had one agenda, her self serving sociopathic drive.

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