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Turnbull Government Targeting Disadvantaged Australians On Xmas Eve

Labor has said it is concerned about the accuracy of Centrelink’s debt recovery program which appears to be “hitting decent, law-abiding Australians right on the eve of Christmas.”

Senator Doug Cameron said “My office has been inundated with calls and emails from people who have been notified by Centrelink that they owe thousands of dollars, despite the fact that many of them have done the right thing and reported their income to Centrelink.”

Serious concerns have been raised that many honest Australians are being caught up in a drag net approach by the Turnbull Government.

Labor has stated that if the Turnbull Government is serious about ensuring the integrity of our Australia’s social security system they must guarantee that debt notices are being sent to people who have actually done the wrong thing.

In social media sites some Australians are saying they think the Turnbull Government’s plan is to deny people social security benefits in order to save money.

Many have expressed anger over the situation citing that multi-nationals are getting away with tax-evasion while disadvantaged Australians and being targeted by the Turnbull Government.

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