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Trump’s Cabinet Is Shaping Up To Be The Most Dangerous In History & Most Un-American Ever

As “President-Elect” Donald Trump settles into putting together his cabinet is is becoming clear that it will be one of the most dangerous cabinets ever for the the average American, the total wealth of  17 cabinet members  in Trump’s administration equals the total wealth of over  1/3 of American households, that is $9.5 billion . It is also shaping up to be one the most un-American cabinets ever, with some members more interested in their relations with other nations, like Russia, then protecting the interests of the USA and it citizens.

With the release of the official results of the election it is clear that more Americans didn’t vote for Trump’s vision for the USA then he would like to admit. Now he is putting together a cabinet that will not benefit the USA. Here is a quick review on three of them.

Trump campaigned on the idea of draining the swamp that is Washington politics.Trump’s cabinet will be full of Lobbyists, Wall Street Bankers and Millionaires – so much for draining the swamp! Trump ran on platform that being rich means  he wouldn’t have to bow to Lobbyists, Wall Street Bankers and Millionaires. Now it seems there’s no difference, same swamp.

Not only is Trump dangerous by trashing the CIA but by letting Putin off the hook for interfering in the USA’s democracy.

Trump’s pick for Energy Secretary is Rick Perry. Mr Perry is beholden to the Oil and Gas Industry He sits on the board of energy companies behind the Dakota Access Pipeline and called for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and is a proud proponent of the Keystone XL pipeline. During his tenure as the governor of Texas, Perry’s administration was notoriously secretive, deleting emails after only a week and refusing to release records on topics like his daily schedule and the state’s technology fund.

Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education is Betsy DeVos. Ms DeVos  ran an organization that was fined nearly $5.3 million for an illegal lobbying effort.  The DeVos family has bankrolled efforts targeting marriage equality and other LGBT protections.

National Security Advisor – Trump has chosen , Michael Flynn. Well, Mr Flynn was fired from his role at the Pentagon for being unfit and contentious.

Made regular appearances on Russia Today, a state-sponsored propaganda channel, where he has criticized U.S. policy while praising Vladimir Putin and defending Russia’s intervention in Syria, was paid to attend and address a dinner for Russia Today, where he sat at Vladimir Putin’s table and failed to inform the Pentagon that he was appearing at the gala, which he should have done since he still held a security clearance at the time – not the best start.

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