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RAC: Stand Up For Teachers Who Stand Up For Refugees – Stop The Intimidation Of Teachers

The Refugee Action Collective (RAC) is calling on Australians to stand up for Teachers who are standing up for refugees. Teachers across Australia who are making a stand for refugees and people seeking asylum are being intimidated by the Turnbull Government into keeping silent.

The RAC has commented that teachers have a right to state their opposition to offshore detention policies and government abuses of human rights and are sending a message of solidarity to refugees and asylum seekers in offshore detention centres and those in our schools and communities, who face racism and discrimination.

Teacher for Refugees (T4R) have been subjected to  a campaign of vilification by the Murdoch press. The Liberal government, from the Prime Minister to the Federal Immigration and Education ministers, have now turned their fire on T4R, urging Principles to discipline or even sack teachers for wearing the t-shirts.

In a petition to the Turnbull Government RAC have said “This is both an attack on freedom of political expression, and an attempt to intimidate and silence the voices of refugee supporters.”

“Shamefully the government has long restricted the right to free speech with regard to its treatment of asylum seekers.”

People are being asked to sign a person on show solidarity with teachers and to send a message to the Turnbull Government that teachers will not be intimidated.

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