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Reports Bernardi May Split From The Coalition

cory_bernardi_cropThere are reports that Bernardi may split from the Coalition with supporters urging him to leave and set up a new Conservative party.

So far the  Senator has dismissed renewed suggestions he is poised to leave the Coalition  as “gossip”. Senator Bernadi has also said that seeing Trump win has been an epiphany. 

Former independent MP Tony Windsor has dared Cory Bernardi to quit the Liberal Party and said Turnbull should “piss” and kick the outspoken senator out of the party or “get off the potty.”

Fear has gripped the Coalition over the rise of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and the threat that it poses. The far right is also concerned with the ability of Get Up being able to promote and educate people around issues, in response Senator Bernardi has set the Australian Conservative movement.

The Australian Conservative movement says it has over 60,000 supporters on its mailing list already.

1 Comment on Reports Bernardi May Split From The Coalition

  1. Good riddance Cory and take your mates Kev, Eric, Tony and George with you

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