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ISIS Claims Responsibility For Berlin Christmas Attack – Suspect Released From Custody

An ISIS affiliated news agency claims the Berlin attacker was a ‘soldier of the Islamic State’. The suspect in Berlin attack has been released from custody due to the lack of evidence.

“The investigation up to now did not yield any urgent suspicion against the accused,” the prosecutor’s statement read.

Authorities state that they are uncertain if the suspect was the driver and that the perpetrator could still be at large. Berliners have been warned that the possible suspect is a “dangerous criminal”. German Muslim citizens have held rallies to condemn the attack in Berlin.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said it would be “especially hard for us all to bear” if someone who sought protection and asylum was responsible.

“This would be especially despicable for the many, many Germans who day in, day out are active working for refugees as well as for those people who actually need our protection and who make an effort to integrate into our country,” she said Tuesday.

Merkel visited the scene of the attack deliver condolences and drop white roses at a memorial. Merkel said it is important not to let terrorist attacks change the way Germans live.

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