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MYEFO: Malcolm Turnbull Hasn’t Learnt His Lesson – Turnbull Chooses Big Business Welfare Handouts Over Reversing Health Cuts 

Malcolm Turnbull’s claim to have learnt his lesson on health at the election has been destroyed by this week’s MYEFO which doesn’t reverse a single one of his savage health cuts.

Labor’s Catherine King has said that Malcolm Turnbull has once again proven that health simply isn’t a priority for his Government but is opting to keep his big business tax cut and force every Australian to pay more for their health.

Australians will be paying more for health because of a six- year freeze on Medicare rebates which is already driving down bulk billing, axing bulk-billing incentives for diagnostic imaging and pathology, increases to PBS co-payments for general patients, concession patients and those with chronic illnesses and ripping millions from Medicare Safety Nets while driving up out of pocket costs before additional support is received.

Ms King also stated that “MYEFO also confirms that despite their desperate spin last week, the Turnbull Government is ripping hundreds of millions more funding out of basic dental services for children and the disadvantaged.”

She also said that the Government also needs to explain their decision to cut S20 million from the Radiation Oncology Health Program Grants Scheme, which provides funding for major radiation oncology equipment, to make sure as many communities as possible have equipment which is up-to-date and effective.

“Cutting this Grant program stands in stark contrast with the Turnbull Government’s election campaign decision to fund” commented Ms King.

This weeks MYEFO update shows that Malcolm Turnbull simply doesn’t get the impact of his health cuts on Australian families – and he doesn’t care.

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