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Russian Hacking – Clinton: Putin Has A Personal Beef Against Me

VOA News

Hillary Clinton is blaming Russian interference for her loss in the U.S. presidential election, saying Russian President Vladimir Putin may have wanted to meddle in the race because of a “personal beef” against her.

Clinton, who has kept a low profile since her election defeat in November, made the remarks to campaign donors in New York City on Thursday night.

According to audio recordings of the event, first reported by The New York Times, Clinton said, “Putin himself directed the covert cyberattacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me.”hillary_clinton_by_gage_skidmore_6

The CIA has concluded that Russian hackers broke into Democratic Party computers to leak potentially embarrassing emails about the Clinton presidential campaign, with the apparent aim of helping Republican Donald Trump win last month’s election.

Moscow called the allegation “laughable nonsense.”

The Democratic presidential candidate said the reason for Putin’s dislike of her was that when she was secretary of state, she said Russia’s 2011 parliamentary elections were fraudulent.

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