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Syria: Aleppo Evacuations Have Been Halted – Both Sides Blame Each Other

Road blocked by Shia fighters as gunshots ring out near buses being evacuated from Aleppo. Source: Twitter, @sayed_ridha

The Associated Press has reported that Syrian TV says evacuations suspended from eastern Aleppo after rebels opened fire at a convoy at a crossing point. It has been alleged that pro government forces halted the evacuation. 

With the Aleppo evacuation halted, humanitarian organisations have been asked to leave. 

The Russian news agency Sputnik reports that Aleppo militants are seeking to take prisoners with them during evacuation, breaching deal. 

There are reports from Opposition fighters that 25 cars have been detained by Shia militia with around 800 people onboard during Aleppo evacuation. 

According to the Turkish Foreign Minister 7,000 civilians have been evacuated from East Aleppo. 

The Thousands of civilians evacuated from Aleppo now face uncertain future without shelter, medicine, food and winter clothes. 

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