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388,000 Australians to lose free dental care due to funding cuts by Turnbull Government

With cuts to health in the 2016-17 budget and funding changes announced today by Susan Ley ,Health Minister,as many as 338,000 Australians will lose access to public dental services from next year.

Australian health care and hospitals Association chief executive Alison Verhoeven said it was “harsh and particular heartless” of the government to “compromise the dental health of those Australians least able to afford proper dental care”

Ms Verhoeven “For many, the only viable alternative will be not to have the dental treatment needed. How little the Government must think of these kids — or care,”

Children are also set to suffer under changes made by the Turnbull government with the maximum benefits for that ‘Child Dental Benefits Schedule’ being reduced from $1000 to $700 over two years. This will see about 3 million children across Australia being affected

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