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41% Of Coalition Voters Would Vote For A New Conservative Party If One Is Formed

According to the latest Essentialvision survey  23% of Australians said that they would be very likely or somewhat likely to vote for a new Conservative party if one was formed.

Respondents were asked if a new Conservative party was formed and included people like Tony Abbott how likely would they vote for the new party. The results appear to be bad news for the coalition. There was an even split between Liberal and National voters of 41% for likely and 41% for unlikely and only 19% saying they don’t know what they do. 25% of likely other voters (not Labor or Green voters) say they would and 63% said they were unlikely to vote.

Age also came into play with 32% of those aged 65 and above saying that they would be likely to vote for a new Conservative party.

When compare to the similar poll taken 12 months ago the likelihood of voting for a new Conservative party has increased just a little. In December 2015 2015 only 20% that they would vote for a new considered party.

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