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Research: People with ADHD make better entrepreneurs

A recent study has shown that those with ADHD make better entrepreneurs. The main researcher of the study Johan Wiklund, an entrepreneurship researcher with Syracuse University has highlighted that the negative ‘features’ of ADHD can have positive impacts for entrepreneurs who have ADHD.

Negative traits such as hyperactivity and impulsivity for those with ADHD are seen as positive traits for entrepreneurs. According to Wiklund’s paper, impulsivity causes those with ADHD to take risks while others will sit back and ‘wait and see’. They are also more likely to engage in actions that are intuitive, provocative and risky. Those with ADHD see potential gains while others fear losses.

Those who are diagnosed with ADHD have energy levels that vary substantially throughout the day. This means that ADHD suffers have the advantage of being able to work when it suits them.

The downsides to ADHD for entrepreneurship is “attention deficit” as well as having to be organized.

The study by Wiklund is the first step towards how ADHD affects Entrepreneurs. The results of the study show that “negative” ADHD symptoms convey a different logic which is better situted to entrepreneurial actions.

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