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Senate Cross-Bench Betray Australian Workers To Support ABCC Bill

The Government’s ABCC bill is set to pass the Upper House after South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon’s demands in exchange for support were met. 

The Turnbull Government capitulated to the Senator’s demands last night. The demands from the Senator were changes to commonwealth procurement rules which give Australian business an advantage in bidding for taxpayer-funded projects. 

The Australian Labor Party have said they support the changes but not at the expense of civil liberties. 

The ABC reports that the new rules do not need legislative approval and will take effect from March next year.

The new rules mean Bidders for government projects worth more than $4 million will need to show:

  1. How much locally-produced material they will source
  2. How they are contributing to local employment
  3. How they are growing local skills
  4. The whole-of-life cost of the project, not just the build cost
  5. That the materials they use comply with Australian product standards

The Australian Labor Party has said the restablishment of the ABCC is a betrayal of Australian workers and nothing but an ideological attack on workers and their unions. 

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