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12 Staff members from QLD Child Safety face disciplinary proceedings after toddler’s death

12 Queensland government staff members, from Queensland Child safety , are to face disciplinary proceedings following the review of the death of 21-month-old Queensland toddler Mason Jet Lee.

It is alleged the department of Child Safety was aware of the abusive environment the toddler was living in. Paramedics  found the toddler dead in a Caboolture house on June 11. He had died from internal injuries while allegedly in the care of his mother’s partner. Crown prosecutor Vicki Loury said there was evidence the mother’s partner caused “the blow which led to the death of the child”. 

Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman said the review found staff may have breached legislation, standards, codes and procedures in the Mason Jetlee case. The Minister also said the report detailed serious errors of judgement.

three of the 12 staff members will be stood down effective immediately, with pay. They will not return to work pending the investigation’s outcome.

Minister Fenti men stated the 12 staff members had some role in the young toddler’s case.

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