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Germany: Munich Mass Shooting “Terrorism” Suspected 

At least eight people reported killed after a shooting at the Olympia shopping mall in Munich.

It is believed that the  shooting started at a McDonald’s across from the mall at about 5:50 p.m. Witnesses reported gunfire inside the mall.

A Witness has said the gunman came out of McDonald’s bathroom and shot children as they ate. 

German President Joachim Gauck said he was “horrified” by the “murderous attack”.

Foreign Minister Steinmeier says motive for the shooting is not clear.  “We still have contradictory clues” he said. 

Austria will send Special Forces to support police. 

An unknown number have been injured in the attack.

Police say they think there are several attackers, who are on the run.

There is a major police presence at the scene in the city’s Moosach district.

People are being urged to stay at home and avoid the streets.

Earlier reports of a second shooting in the city centre turned out to be false alarm.

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