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Gingrich: If Muslims Believe In Sharia They Should Be Deported

Newt_Gingrich_by_Gage_Skidmore_12Newt Gingrich, Former House Speaker, has proposed that Muslims living in the United States should be tested to see if they believe in Sharia law and if they do, they should be deported.

The Former House Speaker made the controversial suggestion following the terrorist attack in Nice, France which saw 84 dead.

Speaking to the right-wing/ ultra-conservative Fox News Mr. Gingrich said “Western civilization is in a war. We should frankly test every person here who is of a Muslim background and if they believe in Sharia they should be deported,”

Mr. Gingrich went on further to say that Islamic Sharia law is “incompatible” with western civilization.

He has also suggested similar ideas as Australia’s own Pauline Hanson such as monitoring mosques and sentencing anyone who visit terror websites.

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