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Queensland Palaszczuk Government Continues Focus On Job Creation

Queensland Treasurer, Curtis Pitt, has said that the Queensland Palaszczuk Government will continue to focus on the creation of jobs in the state.

While the national unemployment rate rose  the Queensland Palaszczuk Government recommited itself to the continued creation of jobs in the state today.

The Treasurer said that since the 2015 election 220 jobs have been created each month in Queensland. There has now been 36,600 jobs created since the 2015 election which includes 3,800 full-time jobs.

The recent State Budget continues the focus on job creation in Queensland. The budget includes a $40 billion four-year infrastructure program with $10.7 billion earmarked for 2016-17 creating an estimated 31,000 jobs. A $100 million ‘Back to Work’ program giving regional employers a $10,000 incentive to hire an unemployed person, or $15,000 for hiring some who has been long-term unemployed and looking for work for more than 12 months.

Mr Pitt said “Both state and federal governments have roles to play in creating jobs and helping people enter the workforce.”

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