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Turnbull Government In Disarray 2 Days After Claiming Victory

The Turnbull Government has already descended into disarray just two days after claiming victory. A tussle has emerged between the Nationals and the Liberals with Darren Chester, National MP, saying on Lateline that the Nationals are in strong position to claim another seat in the Ministry.

Commentators have said the real issue and contention will be over where the new ministry member would be if they would be in the Cabinet or outer-ministry.

The Prime Minister is also having issues with the Treasurer and the Cabinet over superannuation changes. The Treasurer is claiming that the changes are not retrospective but others within the Liberal are claiming that they are.

Yesterday an unnamed Liberal MP told News Corp that right-wing backbenchers could now dictate to the Prime Minister government policy. The unnamed MP told News Corp that “[The Prime Minister’s] theory was to win and win comfortably, so the conservatives would all have to kneel at the altar of Malcolm Turnbull,”

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