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Australian Unions To Hold Turnbull Government To Account

The Australian Council of Trade Unions has said that they will hold the re-elected Turnbull Government to account. Ged Kearney, ACTU President, has said that The narrow re-election of the Coalition is an opportunity for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to learn from his mistakes.

Ms Kearney also said “The government’s refusal to release a formal response to the Productivity Commission’s report on workplace relations leaves them with absolutely no mandate to implement the anti-worker reforms that so many of their big business backers have been demanding, such as weakening unfair dismissal laws or the introduction of individual contracts.”

The ACTU has said that Union members will be holding the Turnbull Government to account on their promises not to privatise Medicare, to crackdown on worker exploitation and wage fraud, and to ensure that multi-nationals pay their fair share of tax.

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