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Australia Set To Be Deprived Of Good Government Yet Again Under Turnbull

With Turnbull coming out on top from Election2016 one thing is for certain, Australian will be deprived of good government yet again. As RealNewsOne has already published, Turnbull has returned politically weak.

No matter how much the Coalition tries to spin it, and we saw that yesterday with Pyne’s comments, Turnbull and his Government are politically wounded. He is a shadow of his former self.

The DelCons in the party room are circling his political body waiting for the right moment to strike. Will it be same-sex marriage that kills him off or budget savings that the Treasurer was been talking about (budget savings = cuts).

With Turnbull being the former shadow of himself and constantly looking over his shoulder to see where the knives are, Australia will not see any governing. Turnbull will be too busy protecting his own position to think of the nation and too busy placating the far-right of his party at the expense of Australian society.

Australia is currently at a crossroad in the world and in history. We have a nation that is evenly split between conservative forces and progressive ideas. We have an economy that is moving to new technologies and industry. Australia needs brave and forward thinking leaders to tackle both.

Turnbull is neither brave or forward thinking anymore. There was a time when he was but this is now gone. Turnbull is held hostage by the extreme far-right of his own party. The only outcome from this will be an Australia deprived of a good government.

Under Julia Gillard, Australia had good government. Australia had a progressive government that was forward thinking.The establishment of the NDIS and the NBN in its original form are two examples. Gillard and her ministers knew they weren’t going to do well at the next election but they were thinking of the future – crash through or crash completely appeared to be the motto of the day.

Same-sex marriage and renewable energy along with climate change were recognised by Turnbull as issues that need attention and to be resolved. Now, they won’t be – Turnbull is too weak and afraid to act on these two important issues. Issues Australians want to see work on.

Katter has also boxed Turnbull into a corner when it comes to the ABCC, the very issue a DD was called over. Katter sees the introduction of the ABCC as a piece of union bashing and Katter has said any union bashing and all bets are off. Katter is against and has voted against the ABCC. The Coalition, especially the DelCons, see the ABCC as an essential piece of legislation that must be brought back. What is Turnbull to do?

Australia was deprived of good government under Abbott. Abbott came to power on the back of a lie around Carbon Pricing, bullied his way to repealing it. Defunded the Climate Change Authority and the independent Climate Commission and actively sought out ways to privatise Medibank, Australia Post and Medicare. All of these actions were actions of ‘bad government’, the dismantling of Australia’s civil society.

Now Turnbull is now continuing these bad policies from a bad government. Now with the results from Election2016 firming up, it is clear Australia is set to be deprived of good government

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