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TAI and ReachTEL Polling : 46.3% Want Another Election, 47% Want Negotiations With Minor Parties/Independents

Polling conducted by ReachTEL and commissioned by the Australian Institute show that 46.3% of Australians want another election to sort out the mess caused by the Turnbull Government while 47% of Australians want the major parties to negotiate with Minor Parties and independents.

The highest respondents who want another election were amongst L/NP voters who were polled at 58.6%.

Executive Director of The Australia Institute, Ben Oquist said “The poll also showed a resounding rejection the proposal to cut company tax rates for big business, while there was strong support for Gonski and Renewable energy across the political spectrum,”

Mr Oquist also said that The polling also revealed very low support for the Coalitions company tax cuts policy.

“The poll also makes clear that the public is firmly behind the full Gonski education plan with 64% saying the Senate should vote to retain the Gonski spending commitment.

“This poll further demonstrates that, like the majority of economists, the public sees greater benefit from investing in services than corporate tax cuts,” Oquist said.

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1 Comment on TAI and ReachTEL Polling : 46.3% Want Another Election, 47% Want Negotiations With Minor Parties/Independents

  1. i for one am happy with the way things turned out we demanded what we wanted and now we demand the following the tpp needs to be scrapped forth with we dont want or need this we want to trade with all these countries but not with a gun pointed at our heads we dont want any trade deals that could get us sued either because of the laws we have to protect us we wont have a bar of these multinational tax cuts either we also want a bill of rights a more modern one enshrining our basic human rights and all the other laws that protect our rights and there will be more to come

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