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Shorten: Australians Know Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Turnbull Can’t Be Trusted

Speaking in Launceston this afternoon Mr Shorten said that Australians know actions speak louder than​ words and If Turnbull wants to be trusted he needs to be true to his word and so far he hasn’t. Mr Shorten also mentioned that Turnbull has refused to reverse his harsh cuts to Medicare.

“Mr Turnbull still doesn’t get it, he is still out of touch” commented Mr Turnbull. Mr Shorten said that Australians want to see Medicare protected. On the issue of Turnbull forming a Government and he scraps home his problems have just began. He will be hostage to Abbott and his backers and Hanson in the senate.

The Opposition leader said that Labor will stick to their positive policy and platform, prioritising funding to schools and hospitals. According to Mr Shorten Mr Turnbull will say and do anything to keep power and he has a mandate for nothing. The Liberal Party is divided.

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