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Morison continues to blame Labor over poor election result – refuses to say freeze on Medicare will end

Speaking on ABC radio this morning, Treasurer Scott Morrison continued the lay the blame on Labor over the  poor election result for the Coalition.  When it is was pointed out to him that the budget from 2014 and the cuts to health shows that the Coalition can’t be trusted on health and Australians have judged that the Coalition can’t be trusted, he claimed that that wasn’t the case but Labor’s “lie”.

When pressed on the issue of the freeze on Medicare bulk billing the Treasurer refused to rule out ending it. He said that the funding of Medicare still needed to be considered.

Throughout the interview Mr Morrison continued to lay blame at Labor’s feet over the ‘Mediscare Lie’. The Treasurer also refused to acknowledge the fact that the Liberal party had also lied in the past in election campaigns. He also continued the line that the Labor Party received the second lowest primary vote.

Mr Morrison also said that the result of the election that the Australian people said the Coalition was by far the best alternative in dealing with the economy. However, when pressed on the $50 billion tax cut being dead in the water, the treasurer claimed that it wasn’t and they would continue to pursue.

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