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The Liberals Need To Take Responsibility For Their Defeat

The reality is this, the Liberal Party needs to stop blaming the Labor Party for their poor result and look to themselves to find the answer. It wasn’t the “mediscare” campaign that lost them the election. It was their own hubris and contempt for people, especially the working class that has lost them the election.

Cory Bernadi summed it up very well in the Australian “‘However you look at it, it’s a disaster for the Liberal Party. The brand has been damaged substantially by hubris; by an arrogant contempt for our traditional base and the abandonment of any founding principle,'”

A trait that is becoming more and more common in the Liberal Party is the childlike temper tantrum that always follows after a defeat. If it isn’t the Labor Party, it is the trade unions or the contemporary bogeyman, the bikies. However, it is in their DNA as a party. When you have a party that believes in the promotion of the individual over the collective – look out for number one at the expense of others.

Turnbull didn’t challenge Abbott for the betterment of the party. He challenged Abbott to settle a score and for his own agenda. It was all the Malcolm show. The same can be said of Julie Bishop, she didn’t tell Abbott of the rumblings in the party because she knew her position was secure, nothing was going to happen to her. There is one positive thing you can say about Abbott, he is loyal to others – even if it is misguided and misplaced.

The Liberal party is divided, divided on leadership and ideologies.

Because of the selfish interests of individuals in the Liberal Party we now have a Senate that will be more divisive than the last one and has now allowed xenophobia and bigotry in the upper house.

When we compare the Liberal Party to the Labor Party we can see a big difference. Labor admits its mistakes, talks about them and learns from them. The Labor Party has remained united during the last term of the previous parliament and after the election. Within the Labor Party the will of the individual is seconded to the will of the collective – even if this is against the feelings the particular individual. The Labor Party believes the people are never wrong in a democracy.


It’s everybody else but me syndrome:

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