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ACTU: Unclear Result Can’t Hide Liberal Failure

The Australian Council of Trade Unions has said that the results of yesterday’s election represent a massive repudiation of his government’s destructive policies over the past three year.

“While the final outcome of the election has not yet been decided, it is clear that Australians have firmly rejected Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal’s big business first approach to government.” stated ACTU President Ged Kearney.

The ACTU has said that for more than 12 months, union members nationwide have campaigned for a restoration of funding to hospitals and schools, and for a proper, long term jobs plan “something the Turnbull government failed to deliver” commented the ACTU.

“It’s especially important to remember the Liberal Government’s failure to offer a substantive industrial relations policy leaves them with absolutely no mandate for significant changes or indeed any policy that seeks to undermine worker’s rights, pay or job security should they manage to achieve re-election.” said Ms Kearney.

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