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Liberal’s HQ laundering taxpayer dollars

Mr Shorten has said “The community is getting increasingly concerned when the analysis of a deal which sees taxpayer dollars going into Liberal Party coffers.”

The opposition leader went on to say that it looks like the Liberal Party is using Parakeelia as a washing machine turning taxpayer dollars into Liberal Party profits. “Mr Turnbull needs to get off the fence and stop being in denial about the scam.” said Mr Shorten.

Mr Shorten commented that the Prime Minister has a clear choice  around Parakeelia and the sooner he makes it the better for all concerned. “What he needs to say is that he will either continue the scam and that he approves of it, or alternatively that he thinks it’s improper and will shut it down.”

“They are the only two options he has. In the meantime, I’ve asked my Shadow Minister for State to write to the Auditor-General today to investigate this scam as a matter of urgency.”

“We’ve seen in the last three years how hard the Liberal Party will go to cover up where their money is coming from and who’s paying into it.”

“..for the sake of confidence in Australian democracy, the Liberal Party need to come clean on their activities, and the buck actually does stop with Malcolm Turnbull.”

The federal director of the Liberal Party says the right-wing party  will “fully assist” any regulatory body wanting to investigate payments made to software company Parakeelia.

Parakeelia has given more than $1 million back into the federal Liberal Party coffers, including $500,000 during the last financial year.

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