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QLD Teachers Set To Receive $3 Million Worth Of PD In STEM Teaching

Queensland teachers are set to receive $3 million worth of Professional development in STEM subjects. Queensland Education minister, Kate Jones, said this is the first of its kind in Australia.

“We want to our teachers have the skills …… for the 21-century classroom,” Said the education minister. Ms. Jones said the professional development will keep teachers up to date in the latest learning and teaching techniques in STEM.

The Queensland Palaszczuk Government says it recognises the STEM skills are vital for Queensland students. The Government has said that need to be prepared for jobs that are now developing and for future jobs. “Ms. Jones said “Some of the jobs we need to start preparing our students for don’t even exist.”

Queensland teachers have until the 24th of June to apply for the professional development. The professional development will be run in partnership with Griffith University and QUT.

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