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Election 2016: The Malcolm Show – It’s all about me!

A pattern has been developing on the campaign trail for Malcolm Turnbull and it is a disturbing one. There have been a number of events that the Prime Minister has been attending where he doesn’t introduce the candidate or invite them to answer questions. As recently as yesterday, the local Liberal candidate for the seat of Fremantle didn’t even appear with the Prime Minister.

Peta Credlin, former chief of staff to the deposed Prime Minister Tony Abbott, has said on Sky News and to other media outlets that this behaviour is becoming a problem. She also said that the Prime Minister is leaving hopeful candidates out in the cold. She has said that what he is doing is a mistake.

By not being with the candidate or introducing them to the media the Prime Minister is damaging their chances of being elected as they will not be recognised by the public. This is in stark contrast to the Shorten campaign where Mr Shorten will introduce a positive policy, the candidate and allow the candidate to answer any questions.

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