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Shorten: Labor is the party of penalty rates

Mr Shorten today has said that only a Labor Government can be trusted to protect Australia’s penalty rates system. Mr Shorten said today “The case to get rid of penalty rates simply doesn’t stack up.”

Mr Shorten said he couldn’t buy the economic theory of conservatives and those on the right who argue that the only way this country can grow is by cutting the wages of those who are less well off.

” Labor can always be trusted to have better workplace relations.” commented Mr Shorten

Greens Industrial Relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP announced that the Greens wish to legislate to protect penalty rates. Mr Bandt said “Weekend rates are an integral part of people’s rights at work, with thousands of Australians depending on weekend rates to make ends meet.”

“Young people in particular depend on weekend rates to support themselves while they study. Young people are already facing unaffordable housing, insecure work and low levels of student assistance, so cutting weekend rates would place them under immense pressure.” Mr Bandt said.

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