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Labor’s Positive Vision For Australia Is To Put People First

The Australian Labor party has said that the 2016 election is about putting the people first, Bill Shorten has said: “For me, it’s about putting people first”. This is forming the basis of their vision for Australia. Thier vision for Australia includes housing affordability, health, education and fairness.

Labor has said that first home buyers in Australia shouldn’t have to compete on an unlevel playing field with wealthy property investors.

Labor is worried that the Australian Dream of home-ownership is slipping out of the reach of too many middle class and working class families. First home buyers make up just 1 out of 7 of all home purchases in Australia. Ownership rates for young people aged 25-34 have spiralled downwards in recent years from 60% to 48%.

Labor’s plan to reform negative gearing and capital gains tax is to make sure the housing market works for all Australians.


The reality is that the Turnbull/Abbott Government puts high-income earners and big business before families and undermines Australia’s future. Since coming to office, Turnbull’s Liberals have increased spending from 24.4% to 25.8% of GDP, the highest point since the GFC. The Turnbull/Abbott Government has increased Australia’s net debt by $109 billion from $217 billion to $326 billion.

When it comes to education Labor believes that every child in every school should have every opportunity. “All schools should be resourced based on the needs of kids”commented Bill Shorten. Mr. Shorten also has stated “Education first. Tax cuts for big companies second”. When the Turnbull/Abbott’s record is examined it is clear the Liberals promised no cuts to education, but they ripped $29 billion out of Australian classrooms. Ripping funding out of classrooms won’t make our education system stronger. To put it simply, no country has ever become more innovative or agile by cutting billions from schools.


In the 2016/17 budget Mr Turnbull will cut $29 billion from schools over the next decade – the same as sacking one in seven teachers.

Another mantra for the Labor party in this election is – Labor will fund hospitals and schools, not tax cuts for billion-dollar companies.

When it comes to health Bill Shorten and Labor have said “”In Australia, we don’t want a two class health system. Labor believes in Medicare, full stop.”

While Bill Shorten and Labor believe the health of one of us is the responsibility of all of us the Coalition has spent three years slashing health and hospitals and now want to privatise Medicare and The Liberals’ GP Tax by stealth will cost patients up to $14 every time they visit a GP.

Labor believes your Medicare card, not your credit card, should determine the health care of Australians.

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